Dorset Diggers Aims and Objectives

The Dorset Diggers Community Archaeology Group (DDCAG) was set up to further our knowledge of the archaeology of West Dorset through practical “hands-on” historical research and archaeological excavations. Our projects will illuminate hitherto unknown aspects of West Dorset’s past and bring it to life for the inhabitants of the area.
For DDCAG to have ambitious programme to explore archaeologically and historically significant sites in West Dorset we will have the full support of principal landowners, authorities, experts and the District Council Archaeologist. Funds permitting, all members of the community have the exceptionally rare opportunity to get hands-on with their own history.
Families and individual residents are welcome to join, whatever your age, experience or participation. Our Diary of Events will includes talks, walks and presentations of popular appeal and casual interest. All members can also participate in one-off digs, short term projects, historical research of the ancient records and archaeological excavations of possible national importance.
Each dig includes residents and local schoolchildren learning to research and excavate with experts their own local historical records and archaeological features.
All projects will discover and conserve our own local history across the ages, leading to a greater understanding of West Dorset and the enjoyment of our heritage.